Apple and Facebook gear up for FIFA 2018 World Cup with new features


Apple and Facebook are getting fans ready for the FIFA 2018 World Cup with Siri providing the latest info and Messenger rolling out fun new effects.

On June 14, the international football (soccer) tournament will kick off in Russia with the first match being the home team versus Saudi Arabia. But when does Argentina play Iceland? Well, now iOS users can just “Hey Siri” for an answer.

Apple’s virtual assistant already keeps 26 countries up to speed on stats, scores and team info, however Siri can now also do the same for fans in Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Furthermore, the App Store editors will highlight all things football everything from top football-related apps, sport broadcasters, games as well as tips on “taking a perfect football photo and how to best get your football fix on social media”.

The US and a few other countries will benefit from a few additional Apple features. iOS users in the US and Canada, where the Sports feature is available, will be able to track the action on Fox News, TSN, RDS and Bell Media’s English and French-language apps all via the Apple TV app. Then in Up Next, they can follow the matches and receive notifications on their Apple devices when their team is playing or a game is due to begin.

Additionally, in the US, UK and Australia, fans can use the Apple News App to read sports articles from trusted sources.