Apple is preparing for the launch of iPhone 8 in September 2017


The upcoming smartphone is anticipated to be a radical change for the company, which will seek to wow users for the 10th anniversary of the device.

The iPhone 8 has been rumored to include wireless charging, facial recognition, an edge-to-edge display and – for the first time – no home button. Apple is expected to release it alongside two other phones, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which will be upgraded on its current offering.

iPhone 8 is expected to unveil the at an event in California September 12 according to the latest leaks. Tradition dictates the devices will go on sale a week after their announcement, making it likely the iPhone 8 will hit stores on Friday, September 22.

The company normally releases a new design one year and follows with a slight upgrade the year after. Following this logic, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are anticipated to feature minor upgrades to the iPhone 7, such as a faster chip and longer battery life.

The iPhone 8 will probably be Apple’s most expensive handset year, with estimates suggesting it could cost $1000 in the US.


Source: Technology News agencies