Army Opens Track To Connect Chhangru In Darchula


The Rising Nepal

Darchula, Sept. 28: Nepali Army has opened a track of a winding road along the hard rocky cliff connecting Ghantibagar to Chhangru in Darchula district.
The army, which started work on May 22, completed the work of opening the 550-metre track as per the agreement on Saturday.
The road construction had begun with an aim of completing in two months, but it took four months to open the track due to rocky geography, external obstruction, bad weather and delays in the transportation of construction materials.
According to Bikram Dev Thapa, Company Commander of Durgadal Company, Darchula, work of cleaning the track was completed after opening the track.
With the opening of this road, the people of Byas village could reach the district headquarters by using only Nepali territory.
The army said that it would be easier for about 200 families living in Chhangru and Tinkar villages of Byas to reach the district headquarters of Darchula.
The Byas villagers live in Khalanga for six months every year and another six months in Byas.
In the past, when there was no road connectivity within Nepal, the people had to use the Indian roads to move to district headquarters and vice versa.
Due to border disputes, lockdown and closure of border checkpoints, the villagers had difficulty in returning to their villages. Nagendra Tikanri, a local of Byas Rural Municipality-1, said, adding that with the construction of the roundabout, the obligation to get permission from the administration of both Nepal and India to reach Byas has come to an end.
He said that the road has been constructed in such a way that the locals can move around easily.
Even though the army has completed the construction of the road in Ghantibagar, there is still a risk to walk in the hill area, said Ashok Singh Bohara, ward chairman of Byas Rural Municipality-1.
The government has also given the responsibility of road construction in the 87-kilometre area from Byas Rural Municipality-2 Kothedhar to Tinkar under Darchula Tinkar Road to the Nepali Army.