What you could buy for Neymar’s PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) transfer fee

The Brazilian’s $263m move to Paris Saint-Germain set a record and has people wondering what such a sum could buy.
Paris Saint-Germain’s record signing of Brazilian striker Neymar da Silva Santos Jr for 222 million euros ($263m) has stunned seasoned analysts and fans alike.
The move from Barcelona to the French club, which is known as PSG, will also see the 25-year-old pocket $34m after taxes, making him the highest paid footballer in the world.
But for many on social media, the huge sum – as opposed to the prospects of trophies – is what has seen people dreaming.
Many pondered what they could buy for the Brazilian’s price-tag, with ideas ranging from battalions of Challenger tanks and properties in London’s most expensive areas, to the number of chocolate bars or cups of coffee.
Others thought about how such a sum could be used to alleviate problems, such as the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.
Here, we list just some of what you could do with $263m at current prices:
137 properties in London’s most expensive borough
1,004 four-year degrees for students at MIT.It costs around $65,000 a year to study at MIT
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranks as one of the best universities in the world, but studying there can set a student back around $65,000 a year in tuition fees and living costs.
One Boeing 787 Dreamliner
A Boeing 787 costs between $224m and $300m
Educate 1.15 million Indian primary school students for one year
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