China unwilling to press North Korea with further sanctions .


China has lambasted the West and its allies in recent weeks for promoting the “China responsibility theory” for North Korea and has been upset by Seoul and Washington’s own military drills that Beijing says have done nothing to cool tensions.

Over the past week, China’s foreign ministry has repeatedly hit back at calls from Western countries and Japan for China for to do more to rein in North Korea, saying that pushing for dialogue was an equally integral part of the U.N. resolutions and that escalating sanctions alone had been evidently ineffective.

The Global Times, a state-run newspaper, also attacked British and Australian leaders for calling on China to do more. China’s big fear has always been that cutting North Korea off completely could lead to its collapse, unleashing a wave of refugees into China. China has not publicly said it will back new sanctions. A brief Foreign Ministry statement on Sunday condemned the test and urged North Korea to stop its “wrong actions” and return to talks.

The Global Times, published by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily, wrote in April that Chinese people would approve of far tougher action, including restricting oil exports, if North Korean provocations continued.


Source: News agencies