Donald Trump ‘decertifies’ 2015 Iran nuclear deal


US President Donald Trump has refused to certify Iran’s compliance with a landmark 2015 deal curtailing Tehran’s nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief.

Trump – who opposed the agreement between Iran and world powers, including the US, from the outset – on Friday said that Iran was not living up to the spirit of the accord, despite the UN nuclear watchdog repeatedly confirming that the country was Trump’s move does not immediately pull the US out of the deal but pushes action to the Republican-controlled US Congress.

Legislators now have a non-binding 60-day period to debate the accord and decide whether to re-impose sanctions, which would put the deal at risk.

Trump said he wanted Congress to toughen US policy towards Iran, but added that if “we are not able to reach a solution … then the agreement will be terminated”.

Despite the current deal only covering Iran’s nuclear activities, Trump said he would ask legislators to find a way to punish Tehran for its ballistic missile programme.

He also accused Iran of destabilising actions in the Middle East, and singled out the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s main military force, for sanctions.

Trump had already recertified the deal twice since his inauguration in January. But his move on Friday means that Congress can now restore sanctions withdrawn under the 2015 agreement, or introduce new ones within 60 days of the current certification expiring.




Source:  News agencies