Donkey burger a big hit in Milan


A burger stuffed with donkey meat is a hit at a Milan restaurant opened by a man from north China’s Hebei province who wants to promote Chinese traditional food worldwide.

Wang Xinxin, born in 1985 in Baoding, opened a restaurant selling lyurou huoshao, the donkey stuffed burger, in Milan’s Chinatown in late September.

During the past month, the restaurant has become increasingly popular among local residents and is always crowded during peak meal times.

The burgers are €5 each and the restaurant receives more than 150 customers each day.

Wang’s hometown, Baoding, is home to lyurou huoshao, burgers with salty, well-braised donkey meat and green peppers minced and stuffed into a baked wheat bread called shaobing.

According to Wang, the specialty originated during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and is healthy, low in fat and high in protein. — China Daily / Asia News Network