Footballer declared a “saint”, as Mexicans thank South Korea for rescuing them at World Cup


One Korean football player has been “made” a Saint online, as Mexican fans heap thanks on South Korea for defeating Germany and helping Mexico get into the second round of the World Cup.

One meme shows Kim Young-Gwon being dressed up like a Catholic saint, complete with halo, staff and flowing gown, with the caption, “The expressions of affection from the Mexican fans for South Korea.”

Another meme shows Kim’s face superimposed onto the Mexican flag!

And there is also one of the flag of South Korea flying majestically over the central plaza of Mexico City.

The best made meme shows a burning building with both Mexico and Germany crawling on the floor, struggling to escape.

And who should come to the rescue? Well, gallant Korea of course, who comes in like a fireman to carry the injured Mexico to safety.

The short comic strip was captioned simply: “Gracias Corea! (Thanks Korea!)”