Health Benefits of Acupressure


Acupressure is an ancient form of medicine that is an offshoot of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practiced widely all over the world, now one can even self-administer acupressure.  But apart from simply correcting flaws in our internal organs, acupressure has a large number of other benefits for the body.

Acupressure an ancient healing art uses gentle to firm finger pressure in the pressure points and meridians much like acupuncture does with the use of needles. As these acupressure points are stimulated, muscular tension releases, circulation of blood is promoted, and the body’s life force energy is enhanced to aid in healing.Acupressure relieves energy blockages. The energy flow in the body affects everything.

Acupressure Therapy is renowned for its ideal for self-treatment and preventive health care by boosting the immune system.

Acupressure therapy can be used to relieve pain, improve appearance, relieve tension in the back, and help heal emotional pain for greater health and beauty. Acupressure stimulates the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. It also helps the function of the immune system and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Commonly used points

The points and meridians constitute an extensive network throughout the body. Therapists use their knowledge of this network to address specific disorders and diseases in patients.

Acupressure – Method, Tool and Time:

We can follow two different approaches for applying pressure. They are:

Constant Pressure: In this approach, a related point is continuously pressurized, slowly increasing the applied pressure. This can be continued for 4-5 minutes.

Intermittent Pressure: In this approach, the pressure is applied on a related point for about 20 seconds at regular intervals of 10 seconds. This is done for 4-5 minutes iteratively for about 10 minutes.

Generally, the pressure on the points is applied by the tip of the thumb. But some tools also can be used for applying equal pressure on all the points. The tools that are available are hand roller, back roller, acupressure mats and seats and much more. It is recommended that all the points must be pressed for 5 minutes on both hands and feet for good and early results.

  1. Healing

Acupressure’s healing touch aids in relieving pain, balancing body energy, and maintaining good health. Enabling deep relaxation and relieving stress, Acupressure Therapy strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness.

  1. Less Wrinkles

An acupressure treatment enhances muscle tone and increases blood circulation to the face. This improves the condition and tone of facial muscles and connective tissue, which can lessen the appearance of wrinkles without drugs or surgery. After years of pulling and stretching the skin, the connective tissue is weakened, and the skin is loosened. Simple finger pressure on specific points, along with therapeutic facial exercises, relieves congested areas and relaxes the muscles. Thus toxins are released and eliminated, benefitting your outward appearance.

  1. Relieve Back Pain and Tension

Acupressure Therapy is highly effective for relieving muscular tension in all areas of the back. In fact, Acupressure and chiropractic treatments

  1. Healing Trauma & Emotional Pain

Long known for its ability to alleviate physical pain, Acupressure can also relieve emotional pain. Emotional stress causes the body to shut down, which keeps negative feelings, stuck, resulting in emotional imbalances. Acupressure techniques release tension and restore the flow of vital energy, making resolution possible.

  1. Reduces the need for OTC drugs

Acupressure has been known for centuries as the best remedy for common ailments like a headache, sinusitis, and cold. The practice helps relieve pain and has been found useful especially to treat headaches – drastically reducing dependence on over-the-counter medicines.

  1. It Promotes Sleep

One of the benefits of Acupressure is regular good sleep. A soothing and relaxing foot massage will help the body unwind, improve blood circulation and relax the nerves. These, in turn, will encourage restful sleep.

There are certain acupuncture points on the feet that need to be massaged to promote sleep.

  1. Acupressure is effective for health as mentioned below

  2. Preventive: By pressing all the points on hands and feet regularly helps maintain good health and also prevents your body to catch diseases.

  3. Early Diagnosis: If any element of the body shows sign of failure, its related point turns soft. So by applying pressure on that point, the disease can be diagnosed early before it becomes a major threat.

  4. Deterrence of Diseases: By methodically and regularly applying pressure on the points, the lost health can be regained.

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