Home Remedies for Pneumonia


Home Remedies for Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common and potentially dangerous disease of the respiratory system that causes the lungs to become inflamed. It has a number of potential causes with bacterial and viral factors the most likely culprits. Symptoms include colds, diarrhea, fevers and breathing difficulties. In previous eras, pneumonia was often a killer disease but the use of antibiotics in the twentieth century dramatically reduced risks. Today we know that antibiotics can also have undesirable side effects and therefore there is more interest in alternative natural remedies. However, it is still highly recommended to get a professional medical diagnosis since untreated pneumonia can still be dangerous.

1. Good old garlic

Practitioners of medicine in the Roman period considered garlic one of the most effective curative and preventative treatments available. With the development of human-made drugs came a tendency to dismiss these ancient beliefs as “old wives’ tales” but over the last few decades attitudes have changed. Modern scientific research supports the inclusion of garlic in a healthy diet. Researchers have rediscovered what ancient civilizations seemed to know intuitively – garlic contains substances that kill bacteria and viruses and reinforce our natural immune systems. The only major disadvantage is the odor garlic leaves on your breath to disturb others who have to live or work with you.

2. Fenugreek seeds

This herb is a favorite ingredient in spicy Middle-Eastern cookery, but it also has a contribution to make to curing pneumonia. Fenugreek seeds contain various compounds that help clear the lungs of mucus, and this brings down fevers. Health medicine experts recommend putting a teaspoon full of fenugreek seeds into two cups of warm water. Take three doses a day of this mixture. An alternative pneumonia remedy combines fenugreek seeds with garlic and honey.

3. Cayenne Pepper

This variety of pepper is another item from the kitchen shelf whose healing properties are much less well-known than its culinary uses. Cayenne pepper is rich in substances that help clear mucus out of the lungs and improve their health. It is often taken in a glass of water along with lemon juice or carrot juice. Three drinks a day should be sufficient to make a real difference in most cases.

4. Natural vegetable juices

The fact that most of the ingredients are already found in your kitchen, or they are very easy and inexpensive to obtain, is another advantage of home-made pneumonia remedies. Organic vegetable juice is a classic example of one of these handy natural treatments that are so easily found. Quite a few vegetable juices have properties that help to remove mucus and other poisons from the body. Organic cucumber, carrot and parsnip juice are amongst the most popular healthy choices.

5. Basil

This herb is a firm favorite for enhancing all kinds of dishes, but it also happens to be a valuable ingredient in certain home pneumonia remedies, in particular in combination with black pepper. Both of these foods have decongestant properties that help clean out infected lungs. Some say that the addition of a teaspoon of honey increases the cure’s effectiveness. Since all of these foodstuffs are perfectly safe to use and have no side effects, feel free to experiment to find out which approach works best in your case.

6. Oregano oil

In contrast to many of the other ingredients in homemade pneumonia remedies, this kind of oil is only well-known to natural food enthusiasts. Its antibiotic and anti-fungal qualities assist pneumonia sufferers in ridding their lungs of mucus accumulations. They also discover that it helps to kill off viruses. Some prefer to take it in a drink along with organic vegetable juice, but others choose to place a few drops of the oil on a cotton swab and leave it close to the head of their bed to inhale the fumes overnight.

7. Boosting vitamin C

The vital importance of vitamin C for good health is well publicized so it should not come as a big surprise to find out that it also helps fight off pneumonia. Oranges and lemons are probably the best-known sources of vitamin C, but the latter are more favored as a pneumonia remedy. One suggested cure requires mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice with rock salt in water. Drink this once a day, and hopefully, the health improvement soon becomes evident. Besides curing pneumonia, you also benefit from all the other health-enhancing benefits a higher vitamin C intake brings.

8. Inhaling eucalyptus oil

This is one of a number of oils that pneumonia sufferers can inhale in the form of vapor. The preparation and inhalation procedure is as simple as could be. Just add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to boiling water. Wrap your head in a towel while inhaling the steam from the pot, and you should experience real relief from congestion and cough much less. Tea tree, lavender, lemon and several other types of natural oils can also be inhaled if preferred.

9. Turmeric powder

The powder made from this herb has powerful antibiotic and antiviral qualities. It assists the body to fight pneumonia by cleaning out the mucus blocking the respiratory system. Some choose to add turmeric powder to a mustard oil paste and apply it to the chest. Others mix it into a glass of warm milk or warm water and drink the compound a few times each day. There appears to be no difference in effectiveness, so this choice can be left to personal preference.

10. Turpentine oil

A mention of turpentine oil usually brings to mind its role as a paint remover, but it seems that this substance can also help remove the breathing difficulties and pains in the chest that pneumonia often causes. Massage your chest each day for about five minutes with camphor and turpentine oil mixed. After this treatment, cover your chest with a warm cotton cloth and wait for about an hour. All been well, you should soon start to feel the desired relief from the pneumonia symptoms.



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