Hurricane Nate Makes Landfall on the Gulf Coast


This year’s crushing hurricanes have submerged Houston, wrecked the Florida Keys and decimated Puerto Rico, but spared the central Gulf Coast — at least until now.

Hurricane Nate, the fourth hurricane to lash the United States in just over six weeks, gained strength on Saturday and made landfall in southeast Louisiana, near the mouth of the Mississippi River, as a Category 1 system. It was expected to make a second landfall on the coast of Mississippi later on Saturday.

The governors of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi declared states of emergency ahead of the storm, and counties along the coast issued curfews and ordered evacuations in low-lying areas. Late Saturday night President Trump declared an emergency in Mississippi, as he already had in Louisiana. The state authorizes officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is already responding to the season’s other hurricanes, to coordinate disaster relief efforts in the affected counties there.

The storm’s swift approach startled this stretch of the Gulf Coast, where many had hoped they might be able to slip through the grips of this wrenching hurricane season.



Source: News agencies