Khaptad National Park.


The Khaptad National Park was established in 1984. The Park was named after Khaptad Baba (Late Swami Satchidananda) who moved to the area in 1940ies to meditate and worship.He is known for being a doctor and researcher. The Park is sometimes called Khaptad Swami or Khaptad Baba and is a place of high religious value. The area is believed to have been the center of the civilizations that covered South West Tibet, Far West Nepal, Kumaon, and Garhwal.

The climate in the Khaptad National Park cool and wet in summer, and cold and dry in winter. In summer the temperatures range from 0 to 20-degree Celsius, while in winter the temperature can fall below 20 degrees. The best time to visit the Park is in autumn (October – November) and in spring (March-May), when the climate is mild.

It is a 7-hour drive by local transport from Dhangadhi, in Kailali district to Silgadhi in Doti district, which is the main gateway to KNP [The bus fare is 550/- Nepali rupees]. Here you have suitable accommodation in the form of hotels. From Silgadhi you have you have a trek to Baglek (3hrs). Up to here, apart from in the rainy seasons when the road is in bad conditions, one can hire a jeep for 2000 NPR. And from Baglek you have to trek for 2hrs to reach Jhingrana, where you can find tea house and accommodation also. From Jhingrana a 5-hour trek takes you to place called Bichpani. From Bichpani it takes 3-4h more up to Khaptad National Park.