Nepal idol concert



The Grand Finale of the first international franchise singing reality show of Nepal has been scheduled to be held in Doha, Qatar. The show has already got its top three contestants. The top three contestants will be awarded a cash prize of Rs two million, Rs 1.5 million and Rs One million. The winner will also get a car and a music contract worth Rs 1.5 million.

A large crowd gathered at Tundikhel in the Capital City on Saturday afternoon for the concert by top three contestants of the singing reality show- Nishan Bhattarai, Pratap Das and Buddha Lama.

Some half a dozen concert-goers fainted at the venue and the law enforcement agency had a hard time to rescue them and control the crowd. Police those fainted during the venue to open places.

People from all the ages had gathered at the free concert. The large presence of the people surely shows that the singing reality show has gathered its peak.

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