Nepali Christians Celebrating Christmas Day Today


The Rising Nepal

Kathmandu, Dec 25 : The Nepali Christian community is celebrating Christmas Day today commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianism. Jesus Christ was born on December 25 in Bethlehem in Israel 2020 years ago.

Born of Virgin Merriam, Jesus Christ has given three main happinesses – liberation, love and peace, said CB Gahatraj, president of Federation of National Christian Nepal.

Therefore, the Christians celebrate December 25 as the Day of all these three major happiness.

The Federation started marking the Christmas Day as a major celebration in Nepal only after 2063 BS.

The government had declared Christmas Day as a national holiday from 2063 BS to 2074 BS. However, from 2075 BS public holiday is given only to Christians on Christmas Day.

The Federation claims that there are three million Christians in Nepal.

The Federation’s Christmas Day Main Celebration Committee is organizing Christmas Day celebration programme at Classic Venue at Satdobato, Lalitpur this afternoon.