North Korea to release captured South Korea fishing boat Friday – KCNA

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North Korea said it will release a South Korean fishing vessel on Friday for humanitarian reasons after the boat was found “illegally” in waters under the North’s control six days ago, North Korean state news agency KCNA said.

The boat and its crew had been captured on Oct. 21 and they will be released “at the designated waters of the military boundary line in the East Sea (38°39′20″ latitude, 128°38′10″longitude) at 1800 on Oct. 27,” the news agency report said.

North Korea had reached its decision to release the South Korean boat after “taking into account the fact that all the crewmen honestly admitted their offence, repeatedly apologising and asking for leniency,” the report said in English.

An investigation by the North had “proved” the boat and crew had entered North Korean waters for fishing.




Source: Reuters