Start Oil (Coconut) Pulling (कुल्ला ) it may Prevent,Cure Corona Viral Flu as it is quite beneficial in most of other Seasonal Flu


Corona virus before it reaches the lungs it may remain in the throat for three/ four days and at this time the person begins to cough and have throat pains.If he/she gargles with coconut oil ,sunflower oil ,other edible oil, salt water, vinegar it may pull the Corona viruses in the mouth from the throat ,spitting out the oil may eliminate the Viruses from the mouth .Oil pulling has been very  useful for sorethroat and seasonal Flu,so it may be very helpful to pull the Corona virus from the throat .It is recommended to do oil pulling several times a day .Gargled Oil or water must carefully spit out and disposed as it contains lots of Viruses.

Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurveda method of oral care. It involves swishing sesame oil, coconut oil or similar oil in the mouth for 10-20 minutes as a means of preventing cavities, reducing bacteria, and promoting healthy gums.

Oil pulling is rapidly gaining in popularity in the Western world.Rinsing with a mouthful of oil for up to 20 minutes daily is said to be a fantastic detoxification method.

In fact, according to Ayurveda oil pulling purifies the entire system as each section of the tongue is connected to a different organ such as the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine.

1. Improve Immunity

Experts say at least 80% of our health starts within the gut. This means everything you put in your mouth will either boost your health or impair it. It follows, then, that if your mouth isn’t healthy, you are not healthy. Maintaining proper hygiene is vital to keeping bad bacteria in the mouth from reaching the gut. Swishing coconut oil around in your mouth both forces these negative elements out of your palate and prevents them from reaching the gut after swallowing.

By swishing oil in the mouth for several minutes, it is cleansing  between the teeth, underneath the gums, along with the tongue and on the surface of the teeth – pulling bacteria away. When spitting out the oil, it is removing these microbes from your body.

If these little invaders are removed from the mouth, they can’t make their way down to the gut – where 80% of immune system is located.

2. Boost Energy Levels

When we’re feeling sluggish it can sometimes be down to an overworked immune system. By boosting immunity, the body can direct its energy elsewhere.

3. Get Smooth & Glowing Skin

Skin conditions like acne, rosacea, dermatitis, and psoriasis can be linked to the health of our gut. When the gut flora is back in balance, then the skin can begin to heal and regain its beautiful glow.

4. Cure Bad Breath

Not only do most mouthwashes contain chemicals, but sometimes the taste can be harsh, as well. Virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil lacks both chemicals and that intense taste, and can clean the mouth naturally and effectively.

One of the most science-backed health benefits of oil pulling is its ability to improve oral hygiene, including bad breath, which is often caused by bacteria.

5. Reduce Tooth Decay

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research claims that tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults, even though it is largely preventable.
A study that reviewed holistic approaches to oral health discovered that oil pulling is one of the most effective natural solutions for preventing tooth decay and loss.

6. Detoxing is carried out by certain organs in the body and can be helped along through healthy eating and other healthy practices. Our mouths are one of the many gateways where bad bacteria enter the body and infiltrate the gut, but the latter is also a good place to begin the exodus of this bad bacteria. When you use coconut oil to remove germs from the mouth and prevent germs from spreading to the gut, you increase immunity and facilitate detoxification.

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Filipino-developed virgin coconut oil derivative as COVID-19 cure tested in Singapore

Cortesy: Good News Philipinas


 Eldan Sambatyon

Coconut oil and its derivatives may prove to be a key against the novel coronavirus. Photo from Ateneo de Manila University article authored by Dr. Fabian Antonio Dayrit.

A Filipino-developed virgin coconut oil derivative as cure to the COVID-19 is being tested in Singapore as the dreaded coronavirus continues to spread across the world and while researchers, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and medical institutions are scrambling to create a vaccine and are pitching in to find a cure to stop the dreaded coronavirus.

After Ateneo de Manila University professor Dr. Fabian Antonio Dayrit published his research at the end of January 2020 on the potential of the antiviral activity of coconut oil’s lauric acid and monolaurin to cure viruses such as what was then known as the novel coronavirus (nCoV), the Philippine government announced it was sending samples for testing in Singapore.

The Ateneo study found evidence that suggests coconut oil and its derivatives have effective anti-viral compounds, based on several in vitro studies that support the potential of coconut oil, lauric acid and its derivatives as effective and safe agents against a virus such as what is now known as the Coronavirus Disease-2019 COVID-19.

The Philippines is now working with the National University of Singapore which has agreed to do more studies and is looking at the efficacy of virgin coconut oil against COVID-19, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said at a press briefing in Malacañang on February 24.

“We have heard very good studies with regard to its ability to neutralize the viruses, but for the COVID- 19, it is not clear,” said Health Secretary Francisco Duque III in an interview with CNN Philippines confirming the collaboration with Singapore.

As we await the results of the Singapore tests, more research projects from the Philippines continue to search for ways to address the COVID-19 outbreak which has caused the raising of a public health emergency status for the nation after a local transmission case was reported and the confirmed COVID-19 cases rising to 24 over the weekend.

Another candidate worthy to look at is the Tawa-Tawa-based anti-viral dengue drug, being developed by the Department of Science and Technology and the De La Salle Univerisity Medical and Health Sciences Institute in Cavite, which has already proven to have anti-viral activity.

The country’s Agriculture chief also recently listed malunggay, tomatoes, local fruits, veggies that help fight off infections like the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the University of the Philippines National Institutes of Health has developed a COVID-19 test kit that is awaiting release for use in the country.