Protecting People’s Lives Foremost Duty: PM Oli


The Rising Nepal

Kathmandu, Oct. 23: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said government’s foremost duty and responsibility is to protect people’s lives in the pandemic at present.

Addressing to the nation on the occasion of the Bada Dashain on Friday, PM Oli reiterated that government does not shy away from the responsibility of saving people’s lives with proper treatment at a time when the country has been fighting against the invisible enemy- the coronavirus. “The struggle against the coronavirus pandemic is not the conflict of politics nor of any interest, so all sides should work in cooperation to defeat it,” PM Oli said, urging one and all to strictly abide by the rules the government set to save lives.

The PM reminded that the infection rate of the coronavirus is the highest on the eve of the Bada Dashain and the federal capital Kathmandu itself been the hotspot. It may take time to recede the increase and the government has concentrated all its efforts to control and prevent the infection.

Similarly, he requested all not to make wasteful expanse and crowds in the festival.

Best wishes to all

In the message, PM Oli extended best wishes to all Nepali sisters and brothers living in the country and abroad on the occasion of the biggest festival of Nepalis. “The festivals are created in course of society building, civilization and culture. These are the examples of social arrangement and evolution. The importance of relations, the value of togetherness with relatives are reflected in the festivals that the ancestors launched,” PM Oli observed, adding that taking festivals only as the continuation of tradition may not be just and logical. He however stressed the need of removing negative aspects of the festival as wasteful expenses.

PM Oli reminded that Nepalis marked the festivals amid different stages of life- many observed it staying under tent after the devastating earthquake. Despite adversity, the festivals are observed with respect and fan fare.

Currently, Nepalis are observing the Dashain amid COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re bound to stay separate because of the pandemic. At such situation, we need to celebrate festival by maintaining adequate safety.”

He thanked all who involved in the control and prevention of the coronavirus as the employees and people from medical service, altruistic organizations, security agencies, social activists, people’s representatives. The PM informed that he has directed to cancel the public tika programme in view of the difficult time.

He urged everyone for discipline, high morale, alertness and cooperation.