Public Vehicles To Ply From Thursday


The Rising Nepal
Kathmandu, July 22: Transportation entrepreneurs have decided to operate public vehicles from Thursday.
Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association decided to operate the public vehicles following the address of their demands through the monetary policy of Nepal Rastra Bank.
Earlier, despite the decision of the government to allow operation of public transportation within Kathmandu valley and individual districts, the federation had not been ready to operate the service demanding for favourable environment resolving financial and other problems of the entrepreneurs.
As a result very few public vehicles were running in the streets.
Senior vice president of the federation, Vijay Bahadur Swar, said that the federation had decided to operate all types of public vehicles effective from Thursday.
He, however, said that public vehicles on more than 250km wouldn’t be open till August 17 as per the decision of the government.
“Though we have decided to resume transportation services of short and long distance, the government has decided not to allow resumption of

long route transportation till August 17,” he said.
“As per the existing law, the distance up to 250 kilometers is regarded as medium distance. Therefore, we can operate service up to 250km from Kathmandu and other locations as per the decision of the government,” Swar said.
He said that transportation entrepreneurs had started preparation to resume public transportation services.
Many entrepreneurs have sent their vehicles for servicing and calling their staff back to the work to resume the service, he said.