Ringo Starr gets back to where he once belonged


Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has very little left to prove.

Yet at 77, he’s about to release his 19th solo album, filled with nostalgia about a glorious past that he has often sought to distance himself from.

Starr teams up with former bandmate Paul McCartney in the album, entitled “Give More Love”.

Collaborations between the last two surviving members of the Beatles always generate media frenzy. This time was no different.

When Starr posted a picture on Twitter of the two of them working together back in February, the news quickly spread.

The album features a blink and you’ll miss it moment referring to the “Fab Four”. In “Don’t Pass Me By,” Starr croons “I’d like to be under the sea” as the track slowly fades out.

Starr has in the past tried to play down the Beatles, a band that only existed for eight years, but whose legacy has continually overshadowed the work they each produced post-split.

Born in 1940, Starr was only 29 years old when the Fab Four broke up and has therefore spent most of his career as a solo artist.

The reminiscing in “Give More Love” goes further still than his time in history’s top-selling pop group.




Source :International Newsagencies