U.S. sends bombers, stealth fighters over Korean Peninsula in show of force


The U.S. military sent a pair of strategic bombers and stealth fighters over the Korean Peninsula on Thursday in a show of force after North Korea’s unprecedented launch of a missile over Japan two days earlier.

Two Guam-based B1-B bombers and two F-35B fighters stationed in Japan conducted joint training over South Korea, the Yonhap news agency reported, citing South Korean defense officials.

The exercises involving U.S. heavy bombers over the peninsula were the first such known flights since Aug. 8.

The military muscle-flexing came after North Korea said Wednesday that its missile launch Tuesday over Hokkaido had been of an intermediate-range Hwasong-12 and that the drill — meant to counter joint U.S.-South Korean war games — had involved military units “tasked with striking the bases” of American forces in the Pacific.

Thursday’s flight came as those war games, known as Ulchi Freedom Guardian, wrapped up.

Overflights Of the Korean Peninsula by heavy bombers such as the B1-B have incensed Pyongyang. The North views the joint exercises as a rehearsal for invasion or the targeting of its leadership, routinely lambasting them as “nuclear bomb-dropping drills.”

Courtesy: The Japan Times