Ukraine claims it has killed another Russian general

Ukrainian volunteers train to use an NLAW anti-tank weapon in Kyiv earlier this month. (AP pic)


KYIV: Kyiv announced today its forces had killed a high-ranking Russian military official, the latest in a series of claims against the leadership of Moscow’s forces one month into their invasion of Ukraine.

In a video statement, presidential advisor Oleksiy Arestovych said Ukraine forces had killed the senior Russian military official during fighting in the south of the country, near Kherson.

Ukrainian forces “killed commander of the 49th Russian southern district army, general Yakov Ryazantsev, in a strike on Chornobayivka near Kherson,” he said.

Several residents of Kherson, the first Ukrainian city to fall to Russian forces after they attacked Ukraine, have recently told AFP  they have heard heavy fighting from Chernobayevka every night.

Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky said several days ago that Chernobayevka will “go down in the history of warfare”.

Arestovych said last week that the commander of the Russian eighth army, Russian general Andrei Mordvichev, had been killed, also at the Chornobayivka airfield near Kherson.

The presidency claimed he was the fifth top-ranking officer to be killed since the invasion began on Feb 24.