Will Apple deliver a notch-free iPhone X or even an Apple Watch with Face ID?


Barely into 2018 and there are already speculations about what Apple is working on for 2019.

The word on the street is that Apple is striving to get rid of the notch on the top front side of their future iPhone models. The much talked about ‘notch’ is the home to Apple’s TrueDepth Camera, a collection of biometric sensors that makes Face ID possible.

Apple is actually the first to use this exact technology, which consists of projecting over 30,000 invisible dots that are then analysed and used to create a depth map, as well as capturing an infrared image of your face. And with other manufacturers looking to do something similar, the race is on to produce the fastest and securest facial recognition feature on the market.

It seems logical that they would want to go get rid of or minimise the notch as it would mean a clean uninterrupted display, but at what cost? US$821mil (RM3.24bil) maybe? That’s the amount of money that LG Innotek is investing into its facilities, the same facilities that make Apple’s 3D sensing technology, in other words, Face ID.

Furthermore, a representative for a smartphone parts manufacturer is quoted saying “We believe that LG Innotek is planning to make investments in order to construct new production lines for face recognition modules that will be supplied to Apple.” As well as that it “is considering products that will be released in 2019 and not 2018.” — AFP Relaxnews